Gummy Smile

Do you feel like your smile shows an excessive level of gum tissue? A gummy smile is a common complaint among the men and women who seek the services of Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD, at Danville Orthodontics in Danville, California.


Gummy Smile Correction at Danville Orthodontics 

A gummy smile, characterized by excessive gum display when smiling, can make some feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, this condition is not just a cosmetic concern but can also indicate underlying dental or orthodontic issues.  

Danville Orthodontics's approach to correcting gummy smiles combines an in-depth understanding of underlying causes and treating them with advanced solutions. Find out more about the causes of gummy smiles and discuss the treatments available at our clinic. We are here to ensure you make informed decisions about your smile. 

Causes of Gummy Smiles 

Several factors influence the appearance of a gummy smile, each requiring a tailored approach to treatment: 

  • Genetic Factors: Gummy smiles are often inherited. The natural shape and size of your jaws and teeth and how your body processes and deposits gum tissue play significant roles. 
  • Hyperactive Lip Muscles: For some individuals, the muscle that controls the movement of the upper lip is more active than usual, causing the lip to rise higher than average when smiling. 
  • Excessive Gum Tissue: Sometimes, the gums have not receded appropriately after the permanent teeth have come in, or there is simply a larger amount of gum tissue. 
  • Abnormal Tooth Eruption: Teeth that do not emerge from the gum line as expected can also contribute to a gummy appearance, making the teeth appear short even though they may be of regular size. 
  • Jaw Development Issues: The development of the upper jaw bone can affect the proportion of gums to teeth, with excessive growth leading to a noticeable gummy smile.  

Gummy Smile Solutions 

At Danville Orthodontics, we offer a variety of effective gummy smile treatments to address these specific causes: 

Cosmetic Dentistry for Gummy Smiles 

  1. Laser Gum Contouring: One of the most popular treatments for excessive gum display involves using a precision laser to reshape and reduce the gum line. This minimally invasive procedure can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. 
  2. Porcelain Veneers: When combined with gum contouring, veneers cover the front surface of the teeth, providing a more balanced look if the teeth are naturally shorter.

Orthodontic Treatments 

  1. Braces or Clear Aligners: These devices can help reduce the appearance of gumminess by repositioning the teeth into a more favorable position. Proper alignment ensures that less gum is displayed when smiling.

Surgical Treatment 

  1. Gummy Smile Surgery: When necessary, more invasive procedures such as lip repositioning or maxillofacial surgery can provide a more permanent solution. Lip repositioning reduces the amount of gum that shows during a smile, while maxillofacial surgery addresses underlying skeletal issues. 

Botox Injections 

  1. Temporary Reduction: Botox is a non-surgical option where injections are made into the upper lip to relax hyperactive muscles, thereby preventing the lip from rising excessively when smiling. This method requires periodic treatments to maintain the effect. 

Gummy Smile Surgery - When is it needed? 

Gummy smile surgery is a specialized intervention suitable for individuals who exhibit a significant amount of gum tissue when smiling and for whom non-surgical methods are insufficient to achieve the desired aesthetic or functional result.  

Understanding when this type of surgery is necessary also involves considering the underlying causes of the gummy smile and how it affects the individual's appearance and dental health. 

Gummy smile surgery might be necessary in the following scenarios: 

  • Severe Hyperactivity of the Upper Lip: If the hyperactivity of the muscles controlling the upper lip is significant, causing the lip to rise excessively and reveal a large portion of gum tissue, surgery can be the best solution to modify these muscles or reposition the lip to a more aesthetically pleasing position.  
  • Excessive Growth of the Jawbone: Uneven jawbone development, particularly the maxilla, can lead to an excessive display of gums. Orthognathic surgery may be best to correct the skeletal inconsistencies and reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. 
  • Long-term Stability and Results: While non-surgical options such as Botox or minor cosmetic procedures can provide temporary or less invasive solutions, surgical interventions are highly recommendable for their durability and long-term correction, especially in severe cases.

Why Choose Danville Orthodontics for Gummy Smile Correction? 

At Danville Orthodontics, we specialize in effective and innovative solutions for gummy smile corrections. Our approach focuses on enhancing the aesthetic aspect of your smile while ensuring the overall health and functionality of your teeth and gums. Our team works closely with you to determine the best treatment plan for your unique dental profile and cosmetic goals. 

If you're considering treatment for a gummy smile, consult us at Danville Orthodontics. We're here to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Your journey toward a balanced, beautiful smile starts with an in-depth consultation with Dr.Abar. Contact us today to learn more about our gummy smile solutions and how we can assist you in transforming your smile. 


Q: Is correcting a gummy smile painful?  

A: Most treatments, including laser gum contouring, are minimally invasive and involve minimal discomfort. 

Q: How long does it take to see results?  

A: Results can vary depending on the treatment. Laser treatments can show improvements immediately, while orthodontic options may take several months. 

Q: Are gummy smile corrections permanent?  

A: Surgical and orthodontic treatments are usually permanent, while Botox and other temporary solutions may require periodic revisits.


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