If you’re hoping for a straighter smile, braces offer a time-honored solution with some really exciting, innovative updates. At Danville Orthodontics in Danville, California.

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Braces Q & A

How do braces work to align teeth?

Traditional metal braces work by using a system of brackets and wires to place gentle pressure on your teeth. That pressure slowly shifts teeth into proper alignment, correcting bite irregularities and enhancing the symmetry of your smile.

Small metal brackets are cemented to the front portion of your teeth. Danville Orthodontics uses a type of self-ligating brackets that don’t require elastic bands to hold the wires in place. Each bracket clips on to the wire, holding it in place and minimizing the risk of wires shifting out of position or causing irritation to the soft tissues of the mouth.

During each appointment, Dr. Abar assesses the position of your teeth in relation to your treatment plan and makes the adjustments needed to continue moving toward optimal alignment. New wires are placed on the top and bottom, and you may be asked to wear rubber bands that connect from top to bottom to add additional forces to your treatment plan.

How long will I have to wear braces?

Everyone has a unique set of alignment needs, which is why orthodontics is never a one-size-fits-all approach. The duration of your treatment depends on your specific alignment issues. For most, a treatment time of 18-24 months is required.

During your initial appointment, Dr. Abar will discuss your anticipated treatment time. You can help stay on track by scheduling and attending appointments as outlined and following Dr. Abar’s instructions for caring for your braces.

What different types of braces are there?

The team at Danville Orthodontics provides individualized treatment tailored to your unique needs. They offer a variety of options for braces, including:

  • Inspire Ice™ crystal-clear, translucent brackets
  • Self-ligating metal brackets that don’t require elastic bands
  • Invisalign® removable clear aligner trays

Dr. Abar and his team make your comfort and convenience a top priority. They review all options for braces to determine which works best for the needs and lifestyle of you or your child.

Is there an alternative to traditional metal braces?

Some people don’t want a metallic smile, especially adults or those who are self-conscious about their teeth. In such cases, ClarityTM Advanced braces are a good option.

These brackets are ceramic and almost entirely clear. They perform the same function as metal braces but are far less noticeable. The brackets are also smaller than metal versions, helping them blend in with the color of your natural teeth.

They won’t stain or experience discoloration during your treatment, no matter what you eat or drink. Smaller brackets also mean less soft tissue irritation, making Clarity Advanced braces an even more appealing treatment option.  

For some, Invisalign also offers a path to a straighter smile without traditional metal braces. Book an appointment to meet with Dr. Abar and discuss all available options. Booking your visit is as simple as a phone call or a visit to the online scheduling tool.


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