Adult Orthodontics

If you think that braces are just for kids and that you can’t correct your alignment issues as an adult, you owe it to yourself to meet with Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD, of Danville Orthodontics in Danville, California.


Adult Orthodontic Treatments at Danville Orthodontics 

Embrace a new era of dental aesthetics with adult orthodontics at Danville Orthodontics, where your age is never a barrier to a perfect smile. Contrary to common belief, braces aren’t exclusive to the young ones. With the help of Dr. Abar, our adult orthodontics specialist, we provide superior care for adult orthodontics, offering unique treatment plans that incorporate the latest in orthodontic technology. 

Despite challenges like gingivitis or natural bone shifts, adult orthodontics treatments can benefit health and beauty. With advanced treatments tailored to adult needs, Danville Orthodontics helps them overcome these hurdles and paves the way to a rejuvenated smile that radiates confidence. 

Benefits of Orthodontics for Adults 

Orthodontic treatments for adults extend beyond just the aesthetics of a straight smile, deeply influencing one’s health and social perception: 

  • Comprehensive Oral Health: Adult orthodontics can improve oral hygiene, as aligned teeth are less prone to plaque buildup and the subsequent risk of periodontal diseases. 
  • Functional Improvement: Properly aligned teeth reduce issues like abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, lessen strain on the jaw joints and the chewing muscles, improving jaw alignment. 
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: Cosmetic orthodontics often significantly boosts self-confidence, positively impacting social interactions and self-image. 
  • Professional Advantages: In the workplace, a straight smile can often be perceived as a sign of diligence and attention to detail, potentially influencing career prospects. 
  • Preventive Care: Addressing dental misalignments can also prevent future dental issues, potentially reducing the need for more complex dental work. 
  • Customized Treatment: Today’s orthodontic options for adults are customized and varied, offering discreet solutions like clear aligners that suit professional and personal lifestyles. 
  • Perpetual Opportunity: There’s no expiration date for improving dental function; adult orthodontics ensures that age is not a deterrent to obtaining a healthier, more functional bite. 

Treatment Options for Adults at Danville Orthodontics 

Adult patients looking to align their smiles have several advanced orthodontic options: 

Metal Braces 

  • Traditional and Reliable: Metal braces are a proven method for correcting many orthodontic issues. 
  • Precision and Control: They offer orthodontists the highest level of control in tooth movement, which can be crucial for complex cases. 

Clear Braces 

  • Subtle Appearance: Clear braces are less noticeable because the brackets are made of ceramic or plastic and blend with the natural color of your teeth. 
  • Aesthetic Solution: They provide an aesthetic solution for adults concerned about the visibility of orthodontic work. 

Each option has advantages that cater to adult patients’ unique preferences and needs. Whether prioritizing discreet treatment or seeking the robustness of traditional methods, Danville Orthodontics best provides personalized care. 

Clear and Comfortable Options for Adults  

For adults seeking orthodontic treatment at Danville Orthodontics, there’s a clear path to a confident smile without committing to traditional metal braces. Let’s explore the innovative and discreet options: 

  • Invisalign: The Clear Alternative 
  1. Utilizes transparent, plastic aligners to straighten teeth gradually. 
  2. Aligners are removable for meals and dental care. 
  3. It is nearly invisible when worn, providing a subtle treatment process. 
  • Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets 
  1. Mirrors the traditional braces’ mechanism with a discreet twist. 
  2. Employs smaller, almost invisible brackets. 
  3. Offers a less noticeable yet equally effective solution. 

These options cater to the desire for a less visible yet highly effective orthodontic treatment, allowing adults to achieve their dental goals confidently and conveniently. For more detailed information, you can visit their website. 

Process of Adult Orthodontic Treatments at Danville Orthodontics  

The journey to a straighter smile begins with a detailed consultation where an orthodontist evaluates your dental needs and discusses potential treatment plans. It includes taking detailed impressions or digital scans of your teeth to design the orthodontic devices.  

Once treatment starts, patients receive their custom orthodontic appliance (like Invisalign aligners or ceramic braces). You may need regular appointments to adjust the appliance and monitor progress, ensuring optimal alignment over time. 

Duration of Treatment  

Adult orthodontic treatments can vary significantly, generally from 12 to 36 months. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the dental issues that need correction, the type of orthodontic device used, and the patient’s adherence to the treatment plan. Periodic adjustments and adherence to scheduled visits greatly influence the effectiveness and duration of the treatment. 


The cost of adult orthodontic treatments at Danville Orthodontics varies based on the type of orthodontic appliance selected, the complexity of the alignment issues, and the total duration of the treatment. Danville Orthodontics is committed to pricing transparency and offers detailed estimates during the initial consultation. 

Various financing options are available to help manage the expense, including payment plans and assistance utilizing dental insurance benefits to cover a portion of the costs. This approach ensures patients can access necessary treatments without financial strain. 

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Reasons to Choose Danville Orthodontics  

At Danville Orthodontics, we provide a superior choice for adult orthodontic care. Our practice offers unique treatment plans incorporating the latest orthodontic technology for precise and effective results.  

We understand the unique needs of adult patients and provide discreet solutions like Invisalign and Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets to enhance comfort and aesthetic appeal.  

Additionally, our flexible financing options ensure that high-quality orthodontic care is accessible to all adults, helping them achieve their ideal smiles without financial stress. Choose Danville Orthodontics for expertise, innovation, and patient-centered care. 


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