What is the importance for you to wear retainers?

Once your orthodontic treatment is over, it is time for you to start wearing a retainer. The importance for you to wear retainers is more because that maintains the new position of your teeth after removing braces. There are chances that your teeth will return to being misaligned after the removal of braces. Teeth are most vulnerable to moving out of place when your braces treatment is over. Therefore, wearing retainers is very crucial after removing the braces as they play a vital role in maintaining the benefits that braces provide.


What is the purpose of retainers?


The purpose of a retainer is to ensure that your mouth and teeth remain aligned after the braces. When braces treatment is over, the pressure exerted by your body might cause perfectly straight teeth to become misaligned again. A retainer will keep your teeth in place while your gums adjust to the new position. Retainers come in many different types. Your orthodontist will recommend one according to your needs and comfort. Your orthodontist will also tell you how long you should wear a retainer


Why are retainers important?


Retainers are the last step of orthodontic treatment. They help in maintaining the position of your straight teeth, but there are several other benefits of retainers, such as:


Avoid reversing the treatment:


After removing the braces, the teeth might return to their original positions. You can avoid this by using a retainer.


Help with speech impairments:


Because of the positioning of the teeth, you may have difficulty speaking specific phrases. A retainer can assist in appropriately creating sounds. A retainer can also treat speech impairments caused by tongue push, which happens when the tongue protrudes between the teeth while speaking. A customized retainer known as a tongue cage can avoid speech problems caused by tongue protrusion.


Helps to maintain oral health:


Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss due to appropriate tooth alignment. With retainers, you can chew food more effectively, which increases your nutritional uptake. Saliva production also rises due to retainers, which help to prevent plaque buildup and tooth decay.


Maintain the bite:


After removing your braces, your bone and tissue need to adjust to the new modifications. A retainer will assist in maintaining your bite after the removal of braces.


Prevents diabetes:


If you utilize your retainers correctly, it can significantly reduce your chances of developing poor dental health. Poor dental health increases your risk of diabetes. Retainers promote good dental health as well as prevent and treat diabetes and its complications.


Helps with breathing:


Many people report to their orthodontist that using a retainer improves their breathing. There are some types of retainers that not only assist in keeping the tooth and jaw alignment but also help you breathe easier.




Braces do not ensure that the results will last. Without a retainer, the teeth revert to their previous misalignment immediately after removing the braces. Retainer assists in keeping your teeth straight and ensure the long-term benefits for the look of your smile.


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