How you can benefit from surgical orthodontics?

Many benefits from surgical orthodontics can be obtained like it aligns your jaw and improves your ability to breathe, speak and chew properly. Moreover, most individuals consider braces or clear aligners when considering their orthodontic treatment choices. While these treatments benefit misaligned teeth, the problem might be more severe than crooked teeth. In certain situations, orthodontic problems are caused by disorders with your jaw bone. Corrective jaw or orthodontic surgery is the only effective technique to address these issues.


What is orthodontic surgery?


Surgical orthodontics, often known as jaw surgery, is a dental and skeletal correction technique that involves straightening and repositioning the jaw and teeth. This surgery is determined by several factors, like the severity of the problem and the position of your jaw and teeth.


Surgical orthodontics correct jaw abnormalities to enhance your ability to chew, talk, and breathe. Therefore, surgical orthodontics, in other terms, straightens your jaw.


Who needs orthodontic surgery?


Adults frequently require this surgery since their bones and structural face components are no longer developing. As a result, bracing the jaw as it grows is no longer possible. Following are the symptoms that show that you should think about surgical orthodontics:


  • Having trouble chewing, biting, or swallowing food
  • Headaches with chronic jaw or jaw joint (TMJ) discomfort
  • When the mouth is closed, there is a gap between the top and lower teeth.
  • Asymmetry in the front or side view of the face
  • A jaw or facial injuries
  • Birth flaws
  • Lower jaw and chin receding
  • Jaw protruding
  • Difficulty or inability to bring the lips together without exertion
  • Constant mouth breathing
  • Obstructive sleep apnea


Benefits of orthodontic surgery


When jaws do not line up correctly, it affects your bite. As a result, to correct your bite, your orthodontist may recommend jaw surgery. You may be able to treat and fix the following concerns through surgery:


  • Better breathing


A misplaced jaw can cause clogged airways, resulting in breathing problems such as sleep apnea. Your orthodontist can use surgical orthodontics to change the alignment, bite of your jaw, and the location of your airway to resolve breathing difficulties.


  • Better chewing


While missing teeth might make it difficult to chew correctly, a misaligned jaw can cause even more issues. Missing teeth prevent your teeth from establishing a normal bite. Therefore, Jaw surgery aligns your jaw so that your upper and lower teeth link in the appropriate areas. As a result, making eating simpler.


  • Clearer speech


When you speak, you rely on jaw motions to produce the correct sounds and pronounce your words. Talking is made more challenging by irregularities in your jawbones and bite. You can speak more clearly and confidently after correcting your jaw difficulties.


  • Eliminates headaches


A misplaced jaw, in most situations, causes headaches and discomfort. Corrective jaw surgery relieves discomfort and pain.


  • Cosmetic issues


If you believe your chin protrudes too far or your jawline is not as attractive as it should be, surgical orthodontics can assist in improving your cosmetic concerns. Your surgeon can work with you to enhance the look of your jaw by changing its location.


  • Overall better health


Nutrition is essential for longevity to happiness. Your body's wellness begins in your mouth. Whether your jaws are misaligned due to an injury or heredity affects your nutritional habits. Orthodontic surgery may be the most excellent option for restoring your health.




The most crucial benefit of orthognathic surgery for many people is getting a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Whether you need orthodontic treatment to fix a faulty bite, malocclusion, or jaw abnormalities, surgical orthodontics improve your overall health and leave you smiling with confidence.


Contact your Danville dentist, Dr. Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD at Danville Orthodontics to know about the benefits from surgical orthodontics.




Things You Need To Know About Surgical Orthodontics.


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