Dental Sealants And Who Should Get Them

There are several reasons people prefer dental sealants over other dental treatments. Face toothache while chewing food due to increased sensitivity in teeth or the extent of pressure teeth face while eating. You must go for dental separate to protect teeth from sensitivity and make them face less pressure.



When having uneven and grooved teeth, which cause difficulty in chewing, you can get dental sealants to even the surface without dental fillings. They are easy, less painful, and last longer than dental fillings.


To prevent cavities from spreading to the other teeth lines. Having dental sealants on reduces the contact between both lines, preventing germs from spreading.


Who Is The Right Candidate For Dental Sealants?




Kids tend to have irregular teeth after they start teething. It happens for various reasons and causes deep grooves between the teeth, especially in the ones located on the backside. It leads to difficulty chewing food particles and can also be a source for cavities. If not cleaned properly, food items reside inside the grooves and may cause germs to grow there, spreading to the other teeth causing cavities. Pediatric dentists often suggest dental sealants for children to protect the cavities as new teeth are more prone to cavities and germs. They can be removed later on. Dental sealants are mainly applied on molars and back teeth in children.


Old Age



If you face cavities in one tooth, they may spread to the other teeth line if they remain in contact with each other. Dental sealants are meant to avoid tooth decay and cavities, and they can significantly benefit old age. While putting pressure on teeth when chewing food can also cause broken teeth at old age. So there is a need for dental sealants to prevent crooked teeth. Research also shows that dental sealants reduce teeth loss in older people.


Who Shouldn't Get Dental Sealants?




Dental sealant is needed when the surface is not plain, and teeth have more nooks or grooves. When you cross your teenage, the cavities become even out, and there is hardly any groove left. It happens gradually and automatically, so there is no need to get dental sealants at that age. When the surface is even, brushing them properly and flossing helps remove any leftover food particles and germs.




Dental sealant is the perfect option to get the even surface of your teeth without going for dental fillings. They are preferred for children who have nooks or grooves and crannies in their teeth to even them out. You can wear them as long as you want to and get them removed when your teeth become even. Always consult your dentist before getting the sealants and when you need to take them off.


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