Demystify Adult Braces

One in four orthodontic patients is an adult, according to the AAO. Adult patients expect dental operations to be quick and painless, and some may be surprised by how far technology has come. Adult braces aren't only for appearances. Braces may correct many dental abnormalities, such as a misaligned bite that can lead to jaw problems or gaps between teeth affecting gum health, allowing people to keep healthy teeth for decades. Continue to read to demystify getting Adult Braces as a patient.


Braces won't work for me at my age


There is no such thing as an upper age limit when smiling confidently. Braces or Invisalign work the same way whether you're 16 or 60. Getting therapy while the jaw is still growing has its benefits. Today's dentists have the education and expertise necessary to provide remarkable outcomes to patients of every age. There are treatments to fix bone issues in older adults. 


Commitment is key to any treatment's effectiveness. Suppose a patient follows the dentist's instructions for wearing the aligners or post-treatment retainers as prescribed. In that case, they are more likely to achieve their desired results in a projected period. 


You must wear braces for a longer duration


Several factors influence how long the treatment will take. Keep in mind that no two cases of braces are the same. In adults, braces take two to three years to work. Time varies on patient nutrition, brace maintenance, and age. If you don't care for your braces, you'll have them for longer. During orthodontic treatment, it's essential to follow the dentist's directions.


Engineering and material advancements have improved braces and Invisalign, which now apply a little force over a more extended time than a significant force in a short period. In this way, teeth move faster and with less pain. Precision is unmatched, and therapy is more efficient, so the duration of wearing braces decreases. Digital x-rays and digital scanners enable digital, 3D treatment planning so that dentists may arrange your treatment from every perspective. 


Can braces be made to operate faster?


There are new devices on the market that can expedite the treatment.


  • AcceleDent: It is a tray to put into the mouth for 20 minutes each day, over braces or aligners. The tray vibrates, causing the teeth to receive "micro pulses" in the form of vibrations. Supposedly, it reduces treatment time up to 50%, but the real-time cases report a reduction of 30%, which is still desirable.
  • Propel: A tiny probe is inserted into the bone around a tooth in two or three places. Local anesthesia numbs the mouth.


Propel uses the notion that braces move teeth through a live bone. The probe's discomfort triggers your body's healing reaction, which speeds up tooth movement. People with traditional braces or aligners can get the procedure. It can be repeated every 6-8 weeks. Some cases claim that through Propel treatment, time cuts in half.


It's not worth the time and effort


Because you're more likely to stick to your goals as an adult, it may be better for you than when you were a youngster. Many adolescents who have received orthodontic treatment have failed to preserve their results and now require braces again.


There's no shame in seeing an adult orthodontist. Adult braces can straighten teeth, enhance smiles, and boost confidence. It's possible to whiten your teeth and have them fixed, but the only way to have a flawlessly straight smile is to consult with an orthodontist.


Contact your Danville dentist, Dr. Hoss Abar, DDS, MSD at Danville Orthodontics to learn more about adult braces.






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